Financial Analysis and Budget

Absolutely NO pronouns! See files for more details and excel spread sheet download. You must write a 2-page paper (excluding the title page, abstract page (abstract must be a minimum of 150 words), and reference page in full APA format) detailing your analysis of the financial statements from 2018 and 2019 provided (including the findings of your mathematical calculations) and your specific recommendations (for or against) the program beginning based on your assessment. You may leave out the 2020 numbers as those are year-to-date (not a ful year’s worth of data. **YOU MUST PERFORM FINANCIAL CALCULATIONS/RATIOS FOR 2018 AND 2019 AND THEN COMPARE THE TWO RESULTS TO DETERMINE IF FINANCIAL INDICATORS ARE GOOD OR BAD**. YOUR COMPARISON OF 2018 AND 2019 FINANCIAL RATIOS WILL PROVIDE THE INFORMATION NEEDED TO RECOMMEND OR NOT RECOMMEND THE PROPOSED PROGRAM FROM GOING FORWARD. The equations that must be used to complete the mathematical calculations can be found in this module. You must determine: 1) Revenue to Assets Ratio, 2) Profit Margin, and 3) Return on Net Assets. See the rubric below for further contented that must be discussed in this section.
        Complete the EXCEL spreadsheet (provided for you in this module) to create the budget for the proposed program. Research exact costs for all supplies (include the individual cost of each item and the total cost for all items), salaries, public relations costs, etc. to complete this spreadsheet. If you can think of any costs not currently listed on the spreadsheet, add another line to the budget to accommodate that item. This budget should be very detailed and have in-depth content.
See the rubric below for detailed directions of how the assignment must be completed:  
Title Page: In APA format
 Abstract: In APA format
 Introductory Paragraph with Thesis Statement: 5 pts. (one paragraph) The paragraph should introduce the reader to the content contained in the paper and end with a thesis statement that tells the reader of the purpose of the paper.
 Analysis of Financial Statements: 40 pts. 1) Analyze the provided financial analysis statements and utilize the financial equations provided for you to calculate the revenue to assets, profit margin, and return on net assets calculations. Once you have the financial calculations completed, use that information to discuss the following:
1) Findings of your financial analysis (specific percentages for all three equations)
2) Discuss the positive financial indications noted in the analysis
3) Identify and discuss gaps in services and funding issues noted (if applicable)
4) Discuss potential negative financial indications noted
5) Identify at least two (2) interventions that could improve the financial future of the clinic
6) Give your recommendation to proceed with or stop planning for the project based off of your analysis. Using your financial analysis, discuss in detail why you feel it is necessary to stop the program or why it is acceptable to proceed with the project.
 Conclusion paragraph: Summarize the essential points of the paper in one paragraph. No new information should be included in the conclusion.
 Reference Page: Include all references for the body of the paper and EXCEL spreadsheet in formal APA format
 APA Formatting: 10 pts.
 Proper Grammar and Punctuation: 10 pts.
 Line Item Budget: 35 pts. Research the specific cost of each item that must be budgeted for with the new TB screening program. Once you determined the appropriate cost for each budget component, use the EXCEL spreadsheet template provided and complete the line item budget. Research specific costs (include the individual cost of each item and the total cost for each supply item and a total for all supplies) (i.e TB syringes, alcohol prep pad, cotton balls, etc.). Also, include salaries, public relations costs and any other related program cost you can think of in order to complete the spreadsheet. Once complete, upload and submit the EXCEL spreadsheet as a separate document from the paper in your CANVAS course.