Financial Management

Please select ONE of the discussion topics listed below. Your initial post should include a minimum of two full paragraphs of discussion including citations in APA format and examples to illustrate your points. 

An intern joins your agency, they have the attitude that in government programs it is inevitable that there will be waste, abuse, and fraud. What advice can you offer them to better understand this idea and the safeguards are in place to minimize waste, abuse, and fraud through public budgeting and financial management?
Most state and local governments prepare two separate budgets: operating and capital budgets. Offer a comparison of operating versus capital budgets in the public sector. What are some examples of expenditures you might find in each?
Budget reductions are never an easy (or fun) task for which to plan, but are necessary in public budgeting. What are some strategies for developing budget reduction options? Which budget formats consider more flexibility in addressing different scenarios?