firearms, tool marks, tire tracks, and footprints

You are an intern at a forensic Crime Scene Response Unit (CSRU) and as part of your duties, the unit manager has asked you to develop a presentation on evidence for a Citizens Academy class. Develop a short presentation about the classification of evidence assigned. For this discussion forum evidence has been categorized into six types, although the evidence in each of these six categories could be further separated. You will be assigned topics by last name to complete this presentation. Your presentation will comprise slides containing visuals and bullet points, as well as narrating content.  

The topic is atterns: firearms, tool marks, tire tracks, and footprint

Your presentation must address the following elements:

description of the type(s) of evidence included in this category
an overview of how that type of evidence emerged
how it was first used and any historical significance
current uses
how it should be documented
packaging methods
explanation of why this methodology is used
potential admissibility issues in court

PowerPoint or any other presentation software may be used to visually present your research design. Write speakers notes as a script at the bottom of each slide to enable smooth narration.