Create a PowerPoint presentation on Keto Diet based on the following information.
Introduction of diet 

Description of diet
Who created the diet?
When was the diet created?
What kinds of food can or cannot be eaten on this diet?
Is exercise recommended and how much?

Pros & cons of diet  

Appropriate balance of nutrients?
Side effects?

Typical day of meals  

Give examples of a typical breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack (if the diet follows this schedule). If it does not follow this schedule, give an example of a normal day.
What are the nutritional values of these meals?
If you were to follow this diet, how many calories per day would the diet have you eating?

Consequences of the diet over the long term  

Are there any health issues or risks associated with this diet?

Advertisements and marketing of diet Personal opinion of diet/Conclusion  

Are any celebrities advocating for this diet? If so, whom?
Include three review questions about this diet for the class