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Assignment I have uploaded rubric and feedback from professor
Submit Final Project Part A, in which you will define anthropology and its subfields, describe the anthropological perspective, and discuss how history influences current issues. This will help you to start thinking from an anthropological perspective and help you identify any areas of anthropology that you find difficult to articulate. Be sure to use clear and concrete examples. You must cite all sources that you use in the APA citation style. 

Brittany post
The material in this last weeks homework assignment is something I find very relatable. It’s really helped me with the how to better my budget. I’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, but never gave it much attention or thought. Now after going over it with this weeks material I’m going to redo my budgets using this concept. I’m excited to see how much money I can truly save! Another thing I’ve learned throughout this course is how to better reorganize my household without trying winging it and having to move things a million times. Being able to figure out how much space in available in the room and how big each item is makes easier to find the right placement! Something I’ve enjoyed throughout this class, is realizing how much we truly use math in our everyday lives. Today I was talking with someone explaining, how its mind-blowing that we all use math everyday without even thinking about it. Planning trips, moving, how many tanks of gas is needed, time to get from point A to point B, etc. I’ve been excited to point out to people that we are using math daily!

Michelle post
Good morning class and Professor. I have really enjoyed learning and relearning the concepts taught in this course. If I needed to hire some help for my daycare, I could figure that out by knowing how much I brought in per month. I have really been into counting my steps in the past few months so I can now figure out how many I normally do and how many ore that I need and make sure that I get the proper amount of steps in for that day. You think that in everyday life you won’t use algebra and variables, but I find that I use it in everyday life and don’t even realize it. You probably use your budget every day and try to figure out ways to reduce your spending or a way to reduce your monthly bills and save more money. You want to put more money in your savings so you figure out a way to reduce your spending if you have a certain amount per month to put in there. This class has really helped me to adjust my budget so we can save more for things like vacations and holiday time.