For the assignment, you are asked to research on Facebook scandal

For the assignment, you are asked to research on Facebook scandal
Facebook Scandal
The Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data breach, also known as Facebook scandal, was a data leak disclosed in early 2018 whereby millions of Facebook users’ personal data was harvested without consent by Cambridge Analytica, predominantly to be used for political advertising. Here is a report from The Guardian on this scandal: (Links to an external site.).
The Facebook scandal centers around the collection of personally identifiable information of “up to 87 million people” by the political consulting and strategic communication firm Cambridge Analytica. That company – and others – were able to gain access to personal data of Facebook users due to the confluence of a variety of factors, broadly including inadequate safeguards against companies engaging in data harvesting, little to no oversight of developers by Facebook, developer abuse of the Facebook API, and users agreeing to overly broad terms and conditions.
You are expected to research on the data privacy scandal and discuss the relevance of data privacy to business (not limited to social media sites).
Expectations on Quality Writing
Although business writing is not a main purpose of the course, as business students, you are expected to produce quality writing in a professional fashion. Here below are the guidelines (or the requirements) for the writing.
·       References of any cited concept, theory, idea, and figure
All formal styles of writing require that when you use the ideas of or information from a source, you give that person or source credit next to those ideas. If you use the exact words from another source, you must put those words in quotes and give credit to the source next to those words. These sources must be further identified so that the reader can find and check those sources either through a reference system or footnotes.
·       Errors
The paper should be error-free so that writer’s credibility is not damaged.
·       Format
The writing should adopt an appropriate format (e.g., in the form of a business memo, an analysis report, a business proposal etc.) with proper margins, font size (preferably Times New Roman 12), line space (e.g., 1.5 line spacing), and Headers for each section. Appropriate headers help to frame the writing and improve the readability of the paper.
·       Coherence
Ideas and discussions are logically developed. The writing should form a meaningful whole.
·       Persuasiveness of the writing
Looks at how effectively the writer demonstrates awareness of the reader’s perspective and incorporates that perspective into the message. More exactly, writer should take reader’s perspective, address reader objections and concerns, explain how to implement conclusion/recommendation, and demonstrate how readers can benefit from accepting conclusion/recommendation.
·       Reasoning
The reasoning should be logic and convincing; claims presented in the writing should be supported with evidence/theories.