Formal essay

Write a formal essay on Food Safety and our Knowledge of Crucial Resources. 

Introduction – keep it brief and have the thesis emphasized, not the introduction

Do you think the general public is aware of the information that you investigated for this assignment. Explain in a few sentences. 
Were you aware of the information that you found while doing this assignment? (Webpages of gonvermental agencies and news stories?)

Thesis – make a clear point in the thesis. It is your main point – your opinon

How can we individually and as a society have shared access to crucial information about food safety? Is it working now in your opinon? if it is working, explainhow. If you do not feel that our knowledge of resources about food safety is shared sufficiently, make that point in your thesis. 

Body Sections – You must use transitional phrases to move from one discussion to the next


“My very recent food experience with food safety during a pandemic is..”
“I accessed another governmental agency’s website and read about..”
“Recent news stories..”
“These are the steps I take to ensure my safety”)


“After investigating crucial resources about food safety, I have decided that..”