Funeral Service Current Events Project

Objectives: The world of funeral service is quickly changing every day, and the impact of yesterdays eventsimpact how we serve families 
today. We need to be aware of the events that are going on around us locally andnationally today and how they will change the future of 
funeral service.This semester you will be responsible for completing four current event articles and a final essay relative to thesignificance of those events to how we practice. You are restricted to articles that deal with funeral service,embalming, organ and tissue donation, funeral 
service education, how culture affects the funeral, funeralmerchandise, funeral transportation, regulation of funeral service, etc. You MAY NOT submit articles relatedto topics outside funeral service. To further develop your ability to communicate current and historicalinformation, you will be required to present an article to your instructor and write about its significance andimpact on funeral service.