Gensee 1 Taiwah s. Gensee K.c. Hanson Eng. 1101 March 24,2022 Title:

Gensee 1
Taiwah s. Gensee
K.c. Hanson
Eng. 1101
March 24,2022 Title: Cultural Differences
Subtitle: What are some countries cultural believe?
Africa is a continent with varieties of culture. In the discussion, I will be specifically talking about West Africa, Liberia where I come from. Liberia is a country with (16) sixteen different tribes and a unique culture. These sixteen tribes have their separate culture that is being practiced among themselves.
Even though Liberia was colonized by the Americans, with the history mentioned, Liberians did not forgo their cultural believes and ways of living. When the free slaves came and settled down in Liberia, they had their Americans ways of living in them. Because of that they did not respect the cultural traditional ways of living there. They tried introducing their way of living to the people they met there. But it was very difficult because our tradition and cultural believes is highly respected in Liberia by the indigenous Liberians.
Librarians take pride in their culture to the extent it can be practiced in every sector of the country. Because of the Liberians cultural and traditional ways of living, the free slave’s western ways of living were not quite accepted in Liberia. But when some of the native people from Liberia starts to travel in America or other western countries, they too start to add the western ways of living to that of the Liberian culture.
Even though with spending years in America or any other western countries, it is very difficult to let go of some of their culture. Just to mention few cultural practices in our country, whenever a kid our adult is talking any elder or elders in the community, you can look into their eyes. If you do, it will be considered as disrespect to the elder. As for the Americans they have unique cultural or ways of living.
In America, they believe that whenever you are talking to anybody without eyes contact, whatever being said by you will not easily be believed. They will that you are not being honest in what you are saying. They want to talk to them with honesty and the facts. But now some Liberians have lived in the United States for so long and have adapted the Americans ways of living, they have practiced how to look a person or an elder into the eyes to talk to them like the Americans ways of talking.
With technology and traveling opportunities, some Liberians completely decided to be Americanize and forget about their traditional ways of living. With, people that living in the rural areas are still holding tightly onto their traditional believes.
The Civil War in Liberia that left hundreds of Thousands of people dead and many more effected by the extreme violence with properties and infostructure being destroyed was because of the change in our culture and socio-economic inequality. Some people believed that the Civil war was because of control and tribal disagreement. Those people from the president tribe wanted to have total control over the rest of the country with different culture and believe.
The tribe that opposed and wanted equality was being hunted and killed. They started to fight back to defend their people from the atrocity committed against them.
With the Americans Civil War, it started because of the northern and the southern states disagreement over the state that had the right to own slaves. The southerners decided to take arms after the electing of Abraham Lincoln. The reason was that they wanted territory control and also economic gain. The southerners to my understanding wanted to continue the slavery and the northern states wanted the slavery to end. So, the similarities between both countries cultural and civil war was territory and economic gain.
Certain people wanted to have controlled over themselves and their economic and others wanted to also have complete control over the entire territory. And certain people wanted to maintain their ways of living and another group felt it was not the right way to live, so they wanted it to change.
If the southerners were not told to forgo slavery, maybe they weren’t going to picked up arm to fight. So, it is the same with the Liberians civil war. If the upper class were not going to surprise the lower class and even certain tribe feeling like the should rule the rest of the people, maybe the victimized tribe was not going to take arm and fight the siting government
Presently, I think some Liberians still feel like the situations that brought the world still exist and it is of security concern. The more than 14 years period of world affected almost everyone in the country. Almost 80% of Liberians themselves are victims of the civil war. Majority of the Liberians were severely affected by the war related violence, which include displacement, destructions of their homes and other properties with physical violence melted frequently against the people.
As some Liberians think that ethnicity and ethic division was some reasons or causes of the civil war, some also believe ethic division and tribal violence still exist and we should be very careful of how it is and handled. Back to the Liberians cultural even though people think that their tradition do not mean anything in our way of living now, we should still remember that we are not westerners but typical Africans.
Opportunity should not lead us to forget our cultural and tradition because we still need it to structure our country and our family as well. Tradition of our country has been around for a very long time that’s why lots of people cannot just forget it especially those people who lives in the rural areas.
When Liberia was built on a tradition and a cultural country, there were no problems until the miss cultural starts to develop among our people. We should not let technology to destroy our tradition that we had before. Technology is a good thing for us to practice but we should be very careful to not overcome our cultural and tradition. The Americans ways of living we should understand that it is their believe and practice that has been going around for a very long time and they choose to stick to it.
One good thing I know about the Americans culture is that they always do things that is in line with whatever way of living they are carrying on. They so much believe in themselves and just focus on what’s going to make them a successful country and nation. even if they travel to other countries, they do not change their ways of living because they are stable and focus people.
The Americans are very intelligent and very educated and know how to use their education in a very positive way. The cultural believe in a is what makes the country more focus and developed. Traveling to another country should not give us the reason to look down on others that are still hanging on to their ways of believes and living. Cultural believes marks a person well behaves, and it also give you thinking ability towards people.
If we have good mindsets as humans, we will not get into fight against one another but love and care for one another. Country that was built on a tradition a cultural practice, people from that country should be able to understand and practice it. Even when we travel to another country, it should never be forgotten. People always feel that when they have opportunities to be more advance them the others, they want to always take advantage of others that does not have the means to have the same opportunity as them. This believe that people have, that they can control everyone because of the power they have is bring lot of dissatisfaction and conflict against people. The reason why cultural traditions are very important is that it makes you to know when and how to handle matters properly.
Too much power can make people to take advantage of others and not realizing where you originated from and what you supposed to be doing. People who always feel that they can do better than others can bring problems into the society and can get people doing against one another.
In conclusion to my topic, if we Liberians try to be ourselves even though we were colonized by the Americans and just focused like the Americans, we will not forget our culture and traditions that we were born into. With that being said, if you systematically study about people with cultural and traditional believes, they can encounter very less problems among themselves. That’s my topic I hope you enjoy reading it.