Globalization of markets

There will be one individual
assignment that each student has to submit. The assignment is an article
you need to read carefully and write a report about it. The article is
“The Globalization of Markets: Theodore Levitt” article. The following
is its link:( is what you need to do:– Read the article carefully.– Summarize the article in about three pages.-
Search the literature for those authors who were supporting Levitt
concept (at least four research studies) and for those who are against
it (at least four research studies). Summarize their
findings/discussions in about five pages. – In about four pages,
provide your own feedback and opinion based on your understanding of
Levitt concept and on the literature that you reviewed.
The format of the report should be 12-point Times Roman font, double-spacing, and one-inch margin.

he shall look for 8 resources as mentioned in the above guidelines.