Goverment (2305) Federal goverment

Intructions from my teacher on this paper below, i just coppied and pasted it on here so you have a good idea about it. 

Write a 2-4 page react paper on . . . Please identify and explain four recent regulations that in your opinion have improved the quality of life in the United States.  In your opinion, has regulation gone too far or not far enough?
NOTE ON MODULE PAPERS:  For everything you do in this class, except the discussion posts, you are required to use standard college format.  If you do not know what MLA is or it is has been awhile since you have used standard college format, you should review a MLA or APA style book.  Features of standard college format include but not limited to formal writing, 1″ inch margins, .5″ indents, page numbering, citations, no contractions, minimal use of quotations, etc. 
I am very strict!  I will not take work late and this work must be submitted through the proper drop function.
Your answers to the questions must be analytical and thoughtful not just regurgitations of the readings.  Finally, ALWAYS UNDERLINE YOUR THESIS STATEMENT.  Only one Thesis Statement (eg one sentence) per Module Paper.  You will receive a 0 for failure to underline your Thesis Sentence!!