Grade Pitch and Slippery Slopes

This is an opportunity to investigate the many ways that the concept of “slope” touches our daily lives.
Open the file called Grade Pitch and Slippery Slopes. Pick ONE of the questions that has not already been answered by a classmate. Click on Post New Thread and make the problem number and the topic (#1 Highway Grade) the subject of your post so that people can tell at a glance which problems have already been answered.
Give a full and complete answer to the question. I would like you to find out about the material and describe the answer in your own words. Most of these topics require some research. Don’t forget that you must give attribution to your source. Be sure to cut and paste the URL of the site from which you got the information. Sometimes other students decide that a topic is interesting and would like to learn more about it. Your source will provide them with a good starting point. This initial post is worth 6 points.
You must also give a substantive response to two classmate’s posts (worth 2 points each). You may ask questions to elicit a more in-depth explanation, add additional information to your own posting in response to questions, share additional knowledge on another posting or share an example from your own life related to the topic. Simply saying “Good post!” will not earn any points.

14)What was the motivation for the invention of the San Francisco cable cars?
250 words