GROUP: A Case for Ethics Assignment on Module I

Group: A Case for Ethics Question Assignments:
1. Each group, via the group spokesperson is required to submit a narrative response addressing the issues/questions raised in the Commentary on the Case for each assigned A Case for Ethics found at the end of the chapter. Use of proper English and APA Style for citations and references is required.
2. Requirements for Narrative Submission.
2.1 Whenever facts from the case study including names and statement of individuals mentioned in the case study are repeated there should be a citation to the case study in the narrative.2.2 Every paragraph in a narrative submission should have at least one source cited to support the substantive statements made therein.2.3 For these group assignments specifically at least 4 “authoritative external sources” in addition to the textbook shall be cited and referenced.2.4 All citations and references shall be APA Style
3. Substantive and Timely Participation is required of each student in each Group Assignment. In each group assignment each student is required to answer all the questions and address all of the issues with proper English, citations and references and post their work on the groups discussion board. Thereafter each student is required to discuss all the group members individual submissions on the group discussion board. The group will vote and agree what the spokesperson is to present as the group submission.
4. The assigned cases are as follows. See Course Calendar for Due Dates.        Module I The Case of the Misguided Relative, found in Chapter 2, pages 38 – 40
        Module II The Case of the Lemon Baby, found in Chapter 8, pages 136 138