Group Analysis Paper

For this assignment, you’ll watch a movie that involves a group and analyze the group using the
information covered in textbooks, class discussions, and handouts distributed in class.
Formatting: Follow APA formatting and style guidelines (7th edition) for this paper (1-inch
margins, 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spacing, etc.). Proofread your paper for
spelling, grammar, flow, etc.
A. Sample student paper using APA formatting:
B. Make use of Hood College’s free writing and tutoring services, if necessary:
• Watch one of these movies: (1) Remember the Titans (2000) or (2) The Avengers (2012).
• Write an analysis of the group. Include the following sections and, at a minimum, address the
respective prompts:
A. Title page
B. Introduction (1 substantive paragraph)
C. Group Overview (?) (1 – 1.5 pages)
o What type of group (task vs. treatment)?
o What was the purpose of the group?
o Who formed the group?
o What are the membership criteria?
o How were group members selected?
o Did the members and the person who formed the group agree on the group’s
purpose (contract)?
D. Stages of Group Development (2 – 2.5 pages)
o Referring to Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development, discuss the group’s
development, providing specific examples for each of the five stages.
E. Group Members (1.5 – 2 pages)
o Identify both functional roles (task and maintenance roles) and dysfunctional roles
of the various group members. Justify why you assigned the roles to the members.
§ Note: Sometimes a member may take on one role at one time and another
role at another time. Sometimes a member may serve several roles at once.
Sometimes a member may not fit any particular role.
o Describe the ways in which the group, its members, the person/people who
formed the group, and the group process combined to affect changes, for better or
worse, in individual members and the group as a whole.
Fall 2021
F. Power and Oppression
o Considering the various dimensions of diversity (e.g., gender, race/ethnicity,
socioeconomic level, religion):
§ Did any group members experience challenges because of their identity? If
so, explain.
§ Did any group members use their advantaged status or privilege in any
way that was oppressive to others? If so, explain.
§ Did the group leader(s) intervene at any point to address or mediate an
oppressive situation? If so, explain.
G. Conclusion
H. References