Healthcare Trends- This paper should focus on Telehealth medicine

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 For this assignment, you will select a healthcare
trends (not a specific innovation) and discuss the impact this trend has had on our healthcare system. Consider
how the trend has influenced the development of new technologies, medications, treatments, etc. As we will
learn in the assigned book for the course, healthcare doesn’t occur in isolation – changes and advances in
healthcare have far reaching impacts – locally, nationally, and globally. Further, healthcare trends impact
professions beyond healthcare staff such as nurses, providers and others. In this paper, you describe the
evolution and current state of a healthcare trend, as well as how it has impacted healthcare, society, and other
2. A minimum of eight scholarly references, at least four of which must be original research studies. While
webpages (CDC, NIH, etc) may be used for background, they are not counted as part of the required eight
references. Your reference should be journal articles.
3. In a formal paper (5 -7 pages) complete the following with references identified as appropriate:
a. Overview and explanation of the healthcare trend
b. Overall impact of the trend on the population (health, economics, ethical, psychosocial)
i. This section must include a synthesis of how this healthcare advance impacts at least two
disciplines other than nursing/medicine
c. Discussion of the current research related to this trend. This may include discussing a research
investigating a particular technologies, advances, etc that have evolved due to the trend, etc.
4. APA 7th ed style is required including title page and references
5. NO direct quotations are permitted in this paper. Paraphrasing, along with appropriate citations should be
utilized throughout. Paraphrasing demonstrates an understanding and analysis of content