Hildegard Peplau Applied to Nursing Practice

Research in nursing has become imperative as we strive to improve client outcomes in the health care setting. One of the major areas of research involves defining us as a profession. In order to help understand who we are as nurses and where we are going as a professional organization we need to develop a personal and professional philosophy. The meta-paradigm of man, health, environment, and nursing was developed as a core concept of our discipline to help define who we are. You have already developed your theory of nursing as it applies to your practice.
Hildegard Peplau was one of the most influential nursing leaders in our history.  She engineered the development of psychiatric mental health nursing. Address the following information:

Outline her basic concepts in your own words
Describe the function of self reflection for a nurse, according to Peplau.
How does Peplaus phases compare with the nursing process used to guide patient care?
How does this theory support evidence-based practice?
What evidence do you have today in your daily professional life or environment of Hildegard Peplaus influence?