Hi, please refer to questions down below and answer accordingly with the pdfs I have provided. No outside information only the documents I have provided. No need to do a works cited. Please only pull information from the pdf!

This week we are going to spend some time analyzing primary documents.  Read the Anne Hutchinson trial document, watch the documentary clip (God In America) for more context, and the witchcraft testimony.

1. What is the date for Document 1 (Anne Hutchinson)? Date for document 2 (Witchcraft trials)?
2. What kind of document are these? For example a letter, newspaper, etc.
3. What is the geographic location?
4. What can we learn about these women? What are the norms of Puritan womens behavior?  Expectations of Puritan motherhood?  Do you see differences in how the men in either document 1 or 2 describe a womans actions or ideal behavior? Any other observations on expected norms or behavior or daily life?
5. What is something you found interesting in this weeks reading and why?