HIST 2233 course themes:

The effects of technology
Changing identities
Shifting borders

1.  Choose 1 (ONE) of the above 4 (FOUR) themes. Using examples from the textbook and/or lectures (weeks 7-13), argue that it was the most defining of all the themes in the decades of this course from Weeks 7-13 (1945-2000).

To help you frame your answer, you could consider 3 (THREE) or more of the following topics of this period (or any other topics we covered in the course that are not in this list): UN, Korean War, Vietnam War, decolonization, Cold War, Berlin wall (erection and fall), non-aligned movement, weapons race, start wars, Afghanistan War, nuclear disarmament, fall of the Soviet Union, America as leader of the free world.
Here is an example thesis to get you started, but you do not have to use it:

By demonstrating how central the theme ____ is to (topic #1), (topic #2), and (topic #3), I argue that this is the theme that best defines world history from 1945-2000.

 2.  Your essay should draw only from course material – lectures, small assignments, textbook. You can draw on any of the material in the lessons, which include videos, short articles, images.
 3.  Your essay should be written in proper essay format: Introduction (including thesis statement), body paragraphs, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points of your essay.
 4.  You are not expected to follow proper citation formatting. Whenever possible, simply state where you got your information and examples from. 

Eg: ‘According to the the textbook (pg. 100) the Korean War was…’
Eg. ‘As we saw with the cartoon about Kruschev thawing tensions…’

5.  Do NOT use Google (or any other search engine) to find your answers or examples to support you answers. I WILL KNOW. I am a professional researcher – it’s what I do best and I will know. But please don’t – it’s not fair to other students, nor is it respectful of my time and effort.
6.  Do NOT plagiarize. If you must quote something from the course (eg. from lecture slides, textbook, videos, etc.), then you must use “quotation marks” and make it very clear where that quote came from. Plagiarism will result in a 0 (ZERO) grade for your exam.

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