History- About VIetnam war

Read before you start:Choose ONE of the films below and write an essay (+ references). Arial 12, double spacing, 2 sheets + references.     When you talk about the film, Provide information of Director, Actors, Origin, Release date, and  write a short summary of the plot.    Analyze specific aspects that are shown and are related to Vietnam war.
Before you start, you will need:    -Find information about Howard Zinn first in order to understand what are his chapters about (he is a historian).    -find information about Vietnam war.    – talk about Vietnam was including one of the movies mentioned.     Answer this during the essay: (here you will find the important thing)
1)    According to Howard Zinn on chapter 18 he asserts that the Vietnam war was the impossible war. What are your reflections on this event? You have to make reference to one of these films: Born on the 4 of July (1989), Apocalypse Now (1979), and Good morning Vietnam (1987) film.
Remember it is about HISTORY. Thanks 🙂