History Discussion Chapter 11

Do Not use any other sources to answer the discussion question. Please see attached reading material or the video below. Work must be cited correcly.
Video: War & Expansion: Crash Course US History #17 – YouTube
After reading and reviewing Chapter 11, watching the video(s), and reading all pertinent materials, answer the following discussion question. Make sure to include relevant points to your answer and make sure that your information is correctly cited. You must post before you can see the posts of others.  500 word minimum for the post 

How did Anglo-American settlers in Texas see themselves? Why did the American settlers in Texas essentially revolt against Mexico and desire to either become a nation or a legitimate part of the United States?  What specifically created the disgruntled and hostile atmosphere between the Texans and Mexico? Moreover, what specifically caused the war, and what was its legacy concerning sectional attitudes between North and South?