History Discussion Chapter 13

After reading and reviewing Chapter 13 and watching the video(s), looking at the power point and helpful notes, answer the following discussion questions. Make sure to include relevant points to your answer and make sure that your information is correctly cited. You must post before you can see the posts of others.  There is a 500 word minimum, however, both prompts must be addressed and fully answered (will require more than 500 words). DO NOT USE ANY OTHER SOURCES TO ANSWER THE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS BELOW. 


In what ways did the Second Great Awakening and transcendentalism reflect and react to the changes in antebellum thought and culture?  Moreover, please name and discuss at least 4 transcendentalist (who were they, what did they do, and what were their contributions) and at least three reform societies.  Did they succeed, why or why not?
Why was the Abolitionist society considered a “Righteous Crusade?” Is this true, why or why not?  defend your position.