History homework help and Assignment for accounting

I have one assignment for history which is uploaded to files and I need to make this instructions for another discussion assignment of accounting.

Find a local professional organization affiliated with your intended major and become a member of that organization or join their mailing list.

Initial post:

Write a 3 paragraph discussion post with the following information:
Your pathway and career goals. My career is Business
Why you chose to become a part of this organization and how do you think being a member will enhance your career goals.
Post a picture of your email confirmation saying you’ve joined.
Many organizations have free student memberships.

Examples of businesses in pathways could be: 

AHCD: Dance, Theater, Film production, Social media, Graphics design or architecture business
Business:  Accounting office, caterer, an advertising firm, dry cleaner, restaurant, any business is acceptable
Education:  K-12 tutoring, Child care, Charter schools
Health Sciences:  Dr. or Dentist office, PT office, Hospital, Insurance co,
IMCT:  Engineering Co., Aviation maintenance, Aviation distribution, Supply Chain Management, Auto manufacturing
Public Safety:  Law office, PI, Equipment providers for the industry
STEM:  Engineering Co., Vet. Office, Computer Services co.
SGSHS:  Psychology office, Non-profit agencies, Social Media, Hospitals, Drug manufactures

Examples of organizations with free memberships:

Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA)
International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)
American Finance Association (AFA) 
South Florida Interactive Marketing Association (South Florida IMA)
Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)
American Management Association (AMA)
Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
North American Society for Sports Management (NASSM)
Association of Performing Arts Professionals (APAP)
Center for Association Leadership (ASAE)
American Counseling Association (ACA)
National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA)
National Association for Business Economics (NABE) 
Association of American Educators (AAE)
American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES)
American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management (AAHAM)