History of Special Education Timeline

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This module requires you to familiarize yourself with TheEducation for All Handicapped Children Act (Public Law 94-142). This law wassigned into law on November 29, 1975 by President Gerald Ford. This legislationis considered the Bill of Rights for children with disabilities and theirfamilies. The legislation incorporated six major components or guarantees thathave forever changed the landscape of education across the United States. 
The student will be able to:
       Examine the history of federal special educationlegislation.
       Explore the impact of this legislation on publicschools.
Tocomplete this module, explore and read the resources provided. Do the assignedactivities and submit the assignments to the instructor through Blackboard forgrading:
History of Special Education and Disability
1. Watch the YouTube video: History of Special Education
2.  Read the webexclusive The Evolution of Special Education
3. Read Achieving Equity in Special Education:History, Status and Current Challenges
1. Review the PowerPoint on Laws Concerning Students with Disabilities
2. Open and view the video: Special EducationLaw/Reflections from Dr. Fred Hartmeister
3. Read the journal article The Legislative and LitigationHistory of Special Education
4. Special Education Resources: Review the resources
1. As you explore information and resources in this module,create a graphic that depicts the timeline of legislation that helped carve outthe history of special education.