The second part of this examination is an essay component, worth 20 points. You are to select one out of the essay topics given to you for this exam.

The essays must be 6 paragraphs long minimum, typed, double spaced in 12 size font. 
Note that if you select to write about multiple topics I will only read the first topic you selected. 
Must include at least two outside sources for this essay.
The sources must be cited properly with MLA, APA, or Chicago Style citations. The paper must also contain a work cited page, but keep in mind that is not the same as the citations in the text. You need both citations in text and the work cited page for full credit on this exam.

Note that the examination is timed for a whole week. So instead of another topic to discuss, I will instead you should focus on drafting, writing, and completing your examination. The questions for this mid-term are as follows:

Discuss the life and contributions of Charlemagne the Great. What were his major accomplishments? How did he usher in the Carolingian Renaissance?