Discuss why it is important as nurses to educate the public about HIV transmission, diagnosis of HIV, and opportunistic infections associated with HIV.
Explore various web sites that would be appropriate for educating the public about HIV transmission, the diagnosis of HIV infection, and opportunistic infections. 
How does the nurse’s role in health promotion, coupled with disease specific websites, enhance the learning of the general public about HIV? 
Some common web sites related to HIV are listed below. These are just a few…there may be more available.

Essay needs to focus on topic, be original, and contribute to the quality of the articles discussed. Essay must make frequent informed references to the sources. Response must be clearly written with substantial original answers to the questions that furthers the discussion of the websites. Must be in APA 7th edition format, citation must be present and acceptable for all sources. Must use the websites listed in addition to other two more nursing websites not older than five years.