Homework with short essay

Please review below and complete attached Homework sheet.

In previous modules, weve explored how social determinantsshape the health of individuals and populations.  In this Module 5, we explore how these factors shape gender andhealth, and nutrition.  Womens and childrens health are often used as amarker of the overall health of a nation.  Health of women and children isinfluenced by many factors but a primary driver is economic and socialequality.  In this assignment, we ask you to examine rates ofmalnutrition, maternal health and the social progress index. Here we are goingto look at child nutrition and maternal health as markers of overall publichealth.
Each week, you will be asked to complete a homework worksheet.Weekly HW relate to key concepts and ideas introduced in the module lecturesand readings. The HW are a way to demonstrate your understanding/comprehensionof the major concepts. Most of the HWs will ask that you include data or workwith data tables. Global health is a scientific field that uses data to helpform policy, keep an eye on health issues in communities and worldwide andallow us to evaluate effectiveness of health systems and interventions.