How friendship provide emotional support?

My suggestion is to stay focused on Season 1 of Friends (Bright et al., 1994-1995) for reasons of not complicating your research. Go over the mash up video to find vignettes in which your two selected characters appear. Mark your way of selecting vignettes; you will need to describe succinctly the method of vignettes selection in your paper.
It will become pertinent, for your Method section, in the part about participants, to be mindful at which time self-selected vignettes appear in the video.
The TV show will be attributed in-text (your final paper) the following manner:
In narrative citation: Bright, Kaufman, and Crane (1994-1995); after introducing the all authors, use Bright et al. (1994-1995).
In parenthetical citation: (Bright, Kaufman, & Crane, 1994-1995); after introducing all authors for the first time, use (Bright et al., 1994-1995)
In attributing a single vignette in-text of your paper:
Bright, Kaufman, and Crane (1994-1995, start time, e.g., 2:45) or Bright et al. (1994- 1995, start time, e.g., 2:45)
If you chose Season 2 or Season 3, then be mindful of proper year attribution.
Additionally, pay attention to attribution for list of References:Bright, K., Kaufman, M., & Crane, D. (Executive Producers). (1994-1995). Friends [TV series]. Warner Brothers Television. NBC. http:// . . .
Final Paper:
For the final paper, remain mindful of wisely managing your research and writing time given your other academic coursework and other commitments. Do not become distracted by the show itself.
Your final paper is a write-up of observational study of two characters from video posted on YouTube from mash ups of TV show Friends (Bright et al., 1994-1995). Based upon your protocol of the study, after you conduct the study, the following are aspects of the final paper:
Written part of your final paper. In your final paper, incorporate feedback from previous academic work I gave you either verbally or in a written form (including writing in complete sentences, organizing the paper, using of subheadings, not addressing instructor in the paper as you, using APA style of referencing, supporting your claims, etc.). The paper will include the following parts:

1. Cover page with succinct descriptive title of your paper, your name, affiliation, name of the course and instructors name, date of submission. (0.5 points).
2. Abstract with no more than 150 to 200 words in which you will summarize the research project (note: Even though the Abstract constitutes a second page of a paper, this part of the paper you will write after you have completed the paper: In the abstract you will describe what is your paper about). (3 points).