How will you utilize multimedia in your ePortfolio? What resources do you

How will you utilize multimedia in your ePortfolio?  What resources do you need in order to integrate different forms of multimedia into your portfolio?  What challenges do you believe you will face when attempting to implement multimedia into your work?
When it comes to incorporating multimedia in my portfolio I hope to definitely include PowerPoints at the very least. Having never put together or even seen a portfolio before, I am honestly not entirely sure what would be a good variety and what would be too much. I would assume that just as with writing a resume, it is better to tailor your portfolio to the persons that you will be showing it to. I feel that putting together a slide show or two and perhaps having a recording of myself would be a welcome addition. In order to accomplish this I will need a good computer with a microphone that I can use to record myself clearly, the use of PowerPoint to create my slide show, and perhaps some editing software to ensure that the final products appears professional and reflects well on me.  Some challenges that I foresee when putting together a good presentation might be mainly user error simply because I am not the most technologically savvy person so I feel that it may be a bit of a struggle to edit the final product or even just to record my voice and have it line up with the slides the way I would like it to. I have attempted projects like this before for some previous classes and I have to admit that I have never been completely satisfied with the final product because I was simply not always able to get it look or sound just the way I wanted it to. I suppose however, that practice makes perfect!
Hello Everyone,  A.S
          From this past week’s readings and information that we have been given, I have no doubt that digital portfolios are beneficial and can have many advantages for us if they are done properly. “Your ePortfolio is a way to communicate a message about your media knowledge and skills” (University of Notre Dame Nd). So far, I have learned that ePortfolios can have more impact on our careers that just in the classroom. When utilizing multimedia in my ePortfolio, I would make sure that I choose media or files that highlights my abilities and achievements. I would make sure that it shows my talents and gives a story of the person that I want them to see. 
In order to integrate multimedia into my ePortfolio, I would need softwares that can helpmeet create and edit these media files. Softwares that can edit videos and put put videos together with text and still images to help tell a story. I know that there are some softwares for ePortfolios out there that I have come across this week, for example, square space, canvas, etc. 
          I am not that great with technology, so I think that my biggest challenge would be using these softwares and understanding their purpose. I do not do a lot of social media, hence, I feel like this will be a bit more challenging for me. I also think that being able to find free access to these softwares might be another challenge since I do not own any of these already.
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