Watch this movie please before you do it!! Race –

Two scourges, intertwined
Watch this movie please before you do it!! Race – the power of an illusion !!
Prompt: How is Racism Mechanized?
The Power of Illusion Episode 3- The House We Live In focuses on how racism is mechanized in society through both custom (human behavior, beliefs, attitudes) and code (laws, policies, practices). Drawing from the textbook and article, this forum share with us examples of how racism has been mechanized in our society. Put your thoughts in conversation with Dr. Kendi’s work on Anti-Black racism and the path to being Anti-Racist. To get you started, consider the following questions:
What does it mean to you that racism is mechanized by custom and code?
What questions does this film raise for you? What new? Affirming? Unsettling?
How can we begin to be anti-racist?
To receive full credit you must show evidence that you have read the textbook, watched the film, and listened to the podcast. These sources will help you with your final projects.