Human Resources

Squibb was a nurse who had suffered three back injuries over a seven-year period while lifting patients in her work. She was placed on light duty, followed by an administrative leave. Following the leave, her doctor imposed a lifting restriction of 2530 pounds, so the hospital offered her a job as a clinical case manager. Squibb declined the position and was fired. Squibb sued the hospital under the ADA for failure to accommodate her disability. The hospital claimed that she was not disabled because she could still perform a large number of jobs, both within and outside of the hospital, even with the restriction.

Does Squibb have a case? [Squibb v. Memorial Medical Center, 497 F.3d 775 (7th Cir. 2007).] In your consideration, be sure to include scriptural sources to support your assertions along with two scholarly journal references from outside sources and/or Regent University database. Be sure to integrate Christian worldview and elements of disability discrimination into your answer.