Human rights

For this pre-research stage of the research paper, students are asked to identify a potential topic and present a tentative thesis that will guide their research in the next stage. 
1. In your own words, explain the research paper assignment. (1 concise paragraph. 50-100 words)
Take time to read the description of the assignment, and give it careful consideration.  What are you required to do, or include?  Why?  Demonstrate that you understand the overall aim or purpose of the research paper.
2. Perform an initial organizational exercise based on the assignment description (1 page).  
Identify 2-3 potential topics (a human rights issue, practice or approach that inspires your interest/concern) to investigate.  Consider how the arguments, insights and critical frameworks provided in the course readings thus far, might be used to inform your investigation.  Work through a few potential options.
3. Provide a succinct summary of your topic and approach (1-2 sentences).  
What human rights issue will you investigate?  Why?  How will you use course materials to inform your research and analysis?  Have a clear rationale re: what you expect to learn about your topic as a result of using course materials to guide your research.  No ‘research’ is permitted for this statement of your initial position. 
– This statement represents a tentative thesis which will evolve as you research your topic and move toward the development of an ‘informed point of view’, which is also called an ‘argument’.  An informed point of view moves beyond opinion and is built on thoughtful and thorough investigation that takes account of the research and analysis done by scholars and experts.  This exercise will prepare you to read your library resources more effectively.  Analysis of scholarly texts depends upon a full awareness of prior opinions which often shape how we read research.

Grading criteria for Paper topic selection & proposal:
Your tutorial leader will be looking to see that you have demonstrated thoughtfulness re: identifying a specific human rights issue/concern as your topic to investigate, and carefully considered how/which course resource will inform your investigation.

Distribution of grade:
1 mark for accurate and effective explanation of research paper assignment (#1)
2 marks allocated to organizational outline (#2)  
2 marks allocated to topic and approach (#3)
 Total of 5 = 100%