Human Services

You are a newly hired project coordinator at the human services agency “Smart Human Services Horizons” located in New York State. This agency is a non-profit organization with a typical structure. The agency is currently expanding its reach and has asked you to identify an issue that should be added to the agency’s portfolio. As a project coordinator, your task is to identify the issue, explain your selection, develop your knowledge of the issue by doing review of the scholarly articles and keeping weekly logs of the information you find in the news articles, and finally present your findings in the final paper.

Final Project Part 3: Current Developments
In this part of the project, you need to submit your fifth weekly log summarizing the main points from a journal or newspaper article.  Your log should adhere to the following guidelines:

Please use provided template to submit your weekly log (download the template below)
Your entry should be at least 300 words
It should include a complete citation of the newspaper article or journal
It should summarize the main points of the article
It should include your opinion of the article