HW 2

Please prepare your answers using Microsoft word and upload them here as a PDF document.

1. Download this script (please try this if the other attachment doesn’t work for you, script_doughnuts_20200901.R  ) that reproduces some of the results
from Bailey’s textbook. Run it. Include all the tables and figures in
the output in your answer sheet. Do you think the regression results
concerning donut consumption and weight have a causal interpretation or
not? Why?


2. This part will take you about one hour to complete. It involves
watching videos, writing brief descriptions of them, and attempting some
questions related to each one. 

Please watch these videos (this part will take you 30 minutes):

The Path from Cause to Effect (4:20, here  (Links to an external site.)) https://mru.org/courses/mastering-econometrics/path-cause-effect
Ceteris Paribus (6:16; here) https://mru.org/courses/mastering-econometrics/ceteris-paribus
Selection Bias (9:32; here ) https://mru.org/courses/mastering-econometrics/selection-bias
Randomized Trials (10:01; here ) https://mru.org/courses/mastering-econometrics/introduction-randomized-trials 

For videos 1-4, write a brief (two sentence) description of the main
concepts (i.e. the Course Learning Objectives) covered in each video.
This part will take about 20 minutes (5 minutes per video,)

For videos 2-4, please attempt these practice questions here: video 2 , video 3  and video 4 .  There are 12 questions in total. Please spend at least one minute or two thinking about the answer to each question.


3. Suppose we are looking at an effectiveness of charter schools. 

a. Write down a (simple) model

b. Is there endogeneity?

c. Suppose we randomly assigned admission into charter schools.  Do
you expect everyone admitted to attend?  Discuss implications.