identify an ongoing issue within your organization

Nursing has theories upon theories, and we tend to delegate those theories to a course, never really engaging in the process of how to integrate those theories into our everyday practice. It is important that as we continue to develop the profession of nursing, as well as our leadership positions within, we assure nursing theory continues to guide our decisions and inform our leadership styles.
There are multiple change theories to choose from. A common change theory in less chaotic times was proposed by Kurt Lewin: Lewins three stage change process(UNFREEZE-CHANGE-REFREEZE)
 There are those that believe healthcare has become far too complex for Lewin and that change theory should advance to accommodate new theories such as Complex Adaptive Systems, Complexity Theory, or Chaos Theory.
Integrate Kurt Lewin’s “Change Theory” into a new model of healthcare theories.
Include the following aspects in the assignment:
 Identify an ongoing issue within your organization
 Using Lewin’s “Change Theory,” begin navigating through the change process
 Incorporate the three phases within your plan
 Choose a “new” model of healthcare
 Adapt your organizational change plan to function in the new model developed previously
 Include a current reference for Lewin and your chosen new model
 WRITE  3 pages long and in APA format