Identifying phrases and their function

Joseph is wading in the pool. 2. They told us to speak quietly. 3. Students prefer seats in the corner. 4. A flock of birds came the next day. 5. Our cousin from Lethem has arrived. 6. Cats and dogs fight in the alley every night. 7. Books in black and red were the clerks delight. 8. To read books means to enlarge your horizons. 9. Having seen three birds in the bush, he let the one in his hand fly away. 10. The time for conversation is not before breakfast. 11. Reading novels is an enjoyable exercise 12. Coming round the corner, Susan collided with another cyclist. 13. He commanded me to open the door. 14. Having joined the Foundation Society, Ms. Best renewed tied with her former classmates. 15. To smoke so many cigarettes must be dangerous.

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