One portion of an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is writing goals for students to master within the year of the IEP.  For this assignment, you will practice writing goals for a student with a disability, based on the present level of performance given to you.  This would be the same thing you would have to do as a special educator receiving a new student on your case load.  Review the sample Present Level of Performance (PLO) on Jackson in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 3.  This is the type of information you would be given on a student from an eligibility meeting, where the assessment team would compile their results and determine the disability.  Write four goals based on this information, two for reading and two for written language in the attached template.  You are strongly advised to study the Goals and Objectives presentation in Module/Week 3 to help with samples and formatting, following the A, B, C, D of writing goals/objectives.  This information will be used in the IEP assignment in Module/Week 4.  Current APA formatting will be used, including a page.

Be sure to review the criteria on the IEP Annual Goals Grading Rubric before beginning this assignment.