If black lives matter, so do historically black colleges and universities, by Andre Perry

Writing Process:
1) Select one of the designated articles; read it and annotate it.
The annotations should identify the main points of each paragraph and identify the divisions of the article. Also identify information that is the thesis, reasons, evidence,  history, definition, examples, proposal, etc..
2) Outline the article and write a summary  ( 1-1 1/2 typed page).
3) Based on the author’s thesis, develop your thesis by agreeing or disagreeing with the author’s. Develop three major reasons with researched evidence to support your thesis.
4) Obtain two other articles by different authors on the same topic . Information from these articles is to be used in your argument/reasons sections as evidence.
5) Create a proposal regarding what action should be taken regarding the topic of the article. 
Requirements: The essay should be in the 6-section format :
1) Introduction (bibliographic information (author, title, publication, date publication),  author’s thesis, rhetorical situation, your thesis)
The article entitled “……..” was written by ____full name_________ and was published in _title______ on ___date____.  Stevens argues/contends   that……… He/Shewrote this article in response to ……. .  I agree/disagree with Stevens’ thesis because _A___, _B___, and __C__. 
2) Summary section ( 1– 1 1/2 page) (summarize the main points of the article, in the order of the article; discuss major points, terms, examples, research; use transitionals between sections – In the introduction….In the third section…In the concluding section…
Ex: Stevens’ article can be divided into _five_ sections. In the introduction., he discusses….  In the next section, Stevens provides research…. In the third section,….In the following section……The author concludes the article by …(.In the conclusion, the author…)….(Stevens). 
     Check: transitionals, subjects, and verbs (discusses, presents, explains, provides, proposes) 
      Do not use direct quotes in the summary.
Development of reasons: 3 articles, general knowledge, personal experience
3) Reason #1 ( ¾-1 page) (A major reason (your thesis) is …A…)    3 articles; gen info; personal knowledge , examples——- min.2 articles…..According to Holmes, ” The beginning is wonderful”(Holmes).
4) Reason #2 (3/4- 1 page) (Another reason is …B)
5) Reason  #3 (3/4 -1 page) (A final reason is….C.)
6)Conclusion (min. ½ page) (develop a proposal to address the issue; discuss the projection/outcome of the proposal). (In conclusion, …(restate thesis).  A major proposal to address the issue is ……….  Who? What is the action? How is it to be done? Time frame? Penalties?   If this proposal is implemented, the projected result would be ….) 
The essay should also include the following:  
1. The essay is to be type-written, 12-font,  4-5 typewritten pages.
2. The essay must be based on one of the articles listed below. 
3. Two other articles by different authors on the same topic are to be used in the discussion.
4. The essay is to follow MLA formatting and documentation.