Inclusivity, Diversity, Social Justice, Systemic Equity Assignment

Similar to the activity we did together on the first day of class, use the universitys online library system to perform a literate search. Find a good peer-reviewed article about a social justice issue that is relevant to international social work. Use your textbook to generate an appropriate topic to research. Read the entire article you select. 
In your critique:

Introduce the subject of the critique and identify the author. Give some preliminary information indicating the main point to be discussed. Review any background facts or issues that must be understood before the point of the article being critiqued can be appreciated. Possibly include additional biographical data. Is this one of a series of essays on this theme? This portion should be brief.
Briefly summarize the argument of the author. Be as objective as possible so that the reader understands what the article said.
Analyze the authors presentation based upon points presented and whether or not the author succeeded in making their case.
State your reaction to, opinion of, and/or evaluation of the assumptions or assertions made by the author. Clearly support any reactions so that they do not appear to be arbitrary judgments. This may be accomplished by adding support from an authority, using logic, observation, or personal experience.
Finally, state your conclusions about the overall piece reviewing the strengths/weaknesses.

Use proper grammar and APA style.