Insight Paper on “Love that Dog”/Red Wheelbarrow poem

Week 3 Insight Paper 3.4 
Now that you have jotted down ideas to Sharon Creechs Love That Dog in your reading journal (3.3) and have received my comments and suggestions, turn your reading journal into an insight paper.  
What you include in your insight paper depends on the approach you took in your journal.  

Analyze the Poem within the Plot Triangle – Then here’s what to explore in your insight paper:
Use your notes from your journal to explain how one particular poem fits into the plot of Love That Dog.  Use the questions you worked through in your journal to help guide your interpretive writing.  You’re working to explore and figure out what you think. 
What Goes in My Insight Paper?

An introductory paragraph that provides context (meaning background) of where you are coming from.  You, as a writer, have to think about what that means and what youll need/want to include.  Try your best not to overthink it; be authentic and help the reader understand what is shaping your insights. 


Also, in this introductory paragraph, provide a sense of the focus of this paper.  In revised papers this would be called your thesis.  In this insight paper, it can be a question, a wondering.  It does not have to be an explicit thesis statement and it does not have to be the last sentence of the introduction. 


Include three body paragraphs that serve to work out/explore the focus of your paper.  Because you are writing about literature, be sure you include textual evidence (a direct quote or paraphrase) in each paragraph.  You do not have to follow MLA format, but do be sure to use quotation marks () to indicate you are using a direct quote.   You want to work on breaking down and interpreting this quote:  what does it mean?  How/why is it significant?  


Include a final paragraph (often referred to as the conclusion) in which you offer your big so what.  So what did you learn by writing this insight paper?  What new insights do you have about the text?  Life?  literature?  

** If you are comfortable with the deductive academic essay frame, please!  Use it!  The thesis-driven essays is just not required for these informal insight papers**
What does that mean?  Aim to use the academic essay framework (intro, body paragraphs, conclusion) to help you further explore and develop your thinking about Love That Dog.  
However, while I want you to use the five-paragraph frame, your paper does not need to be deductively organized.  In other words, you do not have to have an explicit thesis statement; your body paragraphs do not need to start with your point/topic sentence.  Many writers (including me!) often figure out/work our way to our point (main idea) as we are writing.  And thats ok and encouraged in these insight papers.  I want you to work on practicing getting your ideas down on the page–using quotes from the texts and making connections and meaning out of them.  
What are Substance/Content Questions?
I am asking you to ask me 3-4 substantial questions about the content of your writing.  Why?  These reflective questions help you build your critical reading and writing skills.  What are you becoming aware of as you read and write and think?  What do YOU want feedback on as you are building your writing skill?  Your goal is to work on asking specific, focused questions so that my feedback is useful and helpful.