Integration Essay

Please write a paper in APA format that responds to the following prompt:

“You have watched a lecture regarding how psychology and Christianity integrate with one another (Please find this lecture below).  Please summarize each of these four views concisely demonstrating the connection they propose (if any) between what we learn from the Bible and what we learn from the science of psychology.  Which of these two sources of knowing (Knowledge from Scripture or knowledge from scientific inquiry) does each view give priority to?”

Observe the following guidelines in your paper:

1) Correctly summarize all four views:

The four views discussed in the lecture must be included in the essay.
Each view’s primary focus was well articulated.  What do they think about psychology, how does it integrate with Christianity, what are its positive aspects and its negative aspects?

2) Identify the priority of Biblical revelation or psychological research within the view:

Each view places the emphasis on Biblical revelation in comparison to psychological sciences at a certain level (separate, under, with, above, etc).  Identify these levels of emphasis.

3) APA style is properly employed:

Format the paper appropriately using the current APA guidelines
References (if used) are properly cited
Academic voice is used. Do not use the first person.

A grading rubric for this assignment: 

Word count – 10 points
APA format – 10 points
Sources – 10 points 
Critical Thinking – 10 points 
Accurately summarize each view and how it integrates psychology with Christianity – 40 points
Correctly Identify the priority of Biblical revelation!/4