International Banking and finance

Create an idea for your own MNC to conduct international business. Your idea should be simplified to the degree that you could possibly implement it someday. However, your idea should also be sufficiently creative to be successful if done properly. Your idea should focus on one country and one foreign currency, since many MNCs are focused in this manner when they are first created. So that you can recognize the issues regarding exchange rate risk that are discussed throughout this text, you should assume that you will receive foreign currency when selling your product. Your idea should be for a small MNC instead of a large MNC because even most large MNCs began as small firms. The following questions will help you define your MNC idea:

What is the product that you plan to sell?
What foreign country do you plan to target?
How will you sell the product in that country? (i.e., Through a distributor? By mail?)
Is there some evidence that consumers in that country would buy this type of product?
Do you need to purchase supplies or to hire labor?
Will any expenses you incur from producing the product be in dollars or some other currency