International Business Entry Plan

 International Business Entry Plan (150 points)
1.     Thisis an individual project.
2.     Thestudent is required to follow the guideline as much as possible.
3.     Allsources used should be cited in a bibliography. The bibliography doesnt needto be in any format, as long as it is consistent and complete. We dont need acertain style e.g. APA or MLA or another.
4.     Absolutelyno plagiarism. You work will be run through a plagiarism software program.
5.     Theproject is not to be written as an essay, but like a project report.
6.     Itshould be in a word document.
7.     Font:Times Roman New and font sized 12, double space, no minimum number of pages,just make sure you cover all or near all parts mentioned in the outline.
8.     Choosea product or service that exists in the country you live in. Theninternationalize the same, i.e. do a Country Entry Strategy for the same usingthe outline below.
 Check the attached  document for the detailed outline.

Class Textbook
Required Materials
Title: Introductionto Global Business
ISBN: 9781305501188
Authors: Gaspar
Publisher: Cengage
PublicationDate: 2017
Edition: 2ndedition
Other:: Allyou need for the class is the book.