International Healthcare Politics and Mortality Rates

Part I Political Instability-Challenges and Opportunities
Residents of unstable regions throughout the world are without food, shelter, and medical care due to the preoccupation with control, whether through the government, military, or religious factions. The unstable governments within these regions are either unwilling or unable to care for the needs of their citizens or have taken away their ability to care for themselves. Non-governmental Organizations (NGO’s) have the ability to provide for the needs of the people and help them sustain if allowed. 
In general, what is the impact of political and social instability on non-government organizations? Answer in 200 to 300 words with two scholarly sources in APA format. 
Part II International Healthcare Systems and Mortality Rates
Ultimately, the increase in non-communicable diseases across the globe and populations living longer with these conditions due to medical advancements will place strain on healthcare systems across the globe in terms of cost, access to care, and quality care delivered (National Institute, 2014).
How is the transition from communicable to non-communicable diseases a major cause of morbidity and mortality impacting the sustainability of healthcare systems in developing countries? Answer in 200 to 300 words with two scholarly sources in APA format.