Internet of Things

Write a business report describing an IoTsolution that addresses a specific problem or business opportunity. It isrecommended that you focus on a company / sector that you are familiar with.

The following topics should be addressed inthe report:
1. Detailed presentation of the fullsolution chain (diagram + brief discussion of the innovation points).
Weight: 10% of the final mark (roughly 400 words)

2. Evaluate the impact of the IoT solutionon the business (consider possible new business models as well). A criticalreview of similar and
related solutions should be included.
Weight: 25% of the final mark (roughly 1200 words)

3. Based on a wide literature review (bothacademic and practitioner sources), analyse the already existing components(hardware and
software), in the context of the overall technological solution,and how the innovation part can be achieved (from device to knowledge and
backif needed).
Weight: 30% of the final mark (roughly 1500 words)

4. Discuss the security issues to beconsidered during the implementation.
Weight: 10% of the final mark (roughly 400 words)

5. Evaluate any ethical and privacy issues(throughout the chain: from installation of devices, to data manipulation, anddecision taking)
Weight: 15% of the final mark (roughly 500 words).
The remaining 10% of the final markwill be dependent on the quality of Harvard referencing and overallpresentation professionalism of the