Is there a way we can measure or assess effective communication?

If the person could not explain “What” all are the factors that justify the “Why” of your speech/talk/conversation, it would not infuse cognition or infuse less cognition in you and in the end your mind would ‘discard’ the talk as ‘unworthy.’ If the person could not tell “How” the ideas explained can be ‘implemented,’ the speech will not have any ‘take away.’ Takeaways are ‘actionable’ points that enables ‘retention’ possible in the mind. Clarity: Man is called “Vyakthi” in Sanskrit and it came from the root “Vyakthata” or Clarity. Clarity is the essence that determines the effectiveness of any communication and what brings in clarity depends upon how you have handled the three questions: Why, What and How? Once an expert on “Change” and “Change Management” asked a group of professionals to visualise a car and then asked the individuals to describe their car they visualised. Almost everyone had visualised a different car. Often the employees don’t have clarity as to what the Vision of the company is and hence unable to ‘align’ their actions with the vision of the company. This can happen due to two reasons: 1) The Vision was not communicated at all to the employees and 2) The Vision was communicated, but it lacked Clarity because the three elements mentioned above were not explained properly. Desire to Change