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Planning the Major Elements of an E-Commerce Web Site
Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is more than just a shopping cart. One of the first steps in building an e-commerce Web site is determining the requirements of all stakeholders. Click on the following link to read an article that explores this topic:

How to Gather All of Your E-Commerce Site Requirements:

How to gather all of your eCommerce site requirements.

Based on your knowledge, experience, and ideas, respond to the following:

Give a detailed example from one of the following categories of requirements explained in the article linked above:

Business requirements
Functional requirements
Technical requirements

Explain in detail (2–3 paragraphs) why this might be a requirement, which stakeholders might favor this requirement (and why), and why it belongs in this category. Support your ideas with at least 1 reference to course content or an outside source.

When replying to fellow students, look for opportunities to connect their responses to other topics in the current unit, including points that you may have made in your own posts. You may also spot an opportunity to connect the discussion to an article or news story that you have read about, which you can link in your reply. In addition, you can share how your experience with the course content has shaped your opinions and ideas about e-commerce requirements and how participating in this discussion has done so.
Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format should be correct and professional. Begin contributing to the discussion by Friday.
Atlantic BT. (2018, June 4). How to gather all of your eCommerce site requirements.