Content of the Term-Paper
The term-paper project assignment will involve the preparation of a substantive term paper on a topic in the area of Java Programming. 

This paper should include the following:

A clear statement of the Java problem, theme or question addressed.
A discussion of the significance of the topic.
A review of work in the area.
Your assessment of the most promising avenues of further work in this Java theme.
At least three references from the ACM digital library (or Google scholar), as well as any other digital source for Java articles.

Make each of the above 5 items a separate section with the respective (almost the same) heading (for example, your section one would be named:

1.The Java Theme: Polymorphism

Format of the Term-Paper
The paper should have a cover page on a separate one page only, with the following information: Your class number, class name, semester, year, the Java topic /theme title, your name, and the ABSTRACTconsisted of one paragraph.

The paper should be typed 1.5 lines-spaced (as it is shown here in these 2 paragraphs) and be approximately 4 pages long (excluding references); the font should be Times New Roman, 12 pts. The paragraphs should be First-line indented, no extra space in between them.
The references should be prepared in a consistent format, conventionally used in the computing literature. (Unfortunately, there is no agreement upon a single standard in this area). You must provide citations of your references within your 4 pages paper text.

Quotations may be made from the literature but must be clearly indicated as such; these may include diagrams, tables, etc. as well as text. If you use a diagram with minor modifications, indicate this by stating that it is Adapted from reference .
Remember, that plagiarism is not acceptable; you will not get a second chance to fix a problem due to plagiarism.


Paper Sources to Use for the Term-Paper

1. You may access Google Scholar here:

2. You may also use an alternative way (General search) in order to find papers for your selected Java-related topic.