Journal Article

The articles reviewed for this assignment must report the results of current research in an area oforganizational trends in the education or human services environment. The article must be directedat a scholarly audience.The review must be on an article reporting structured research, that is, one with variables, statisticalanalyses, relationships among variables,etc. The article may be about any organizational trend/topicyou choose. The key to this assignment is to demonstrate your analyticaland research capabilitiesby specifically linking the procedures discussed in the article to the concepts addressed in thiscourse.To ensure proper content and quality,a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed journals must be included inthe analysis,and to the extent possible,a majority of your sources should be less than two yearsold. Your paper will be 6 to 8 double-spaced pages 12 pt. font. 
 Alvin Sherman LibraryThrough the library, you have access to hundreds of databases and each database contains differenttypes of information sources including scholarly journalarticles,e-books, dissertations, newspaperarticles, streaming videos,and more. When researching a topic, you should look for information inlibrary databases. To get to the library databases, start on the Alvin Sherman Library homepage.

 On the homepage, you willsee two buttons called Databases by Name and Databases byGenerated: 10/22/2021 Page 7 of 16Subject. If you dont know a specific database to use,click on Databases by Subject to find acategory that best matches your topic. For example, if you were looking for articles on standardizedtesting, you would want to select the category for Education so you could view all of the libraryseducation-related databases.IMPORTANT NOTE:You are REQUIRED to access the ProQuest Education Database tosearch for academic/scholarly sources for this assignment. Sources from othersites/databases CANNOT BE USED.NOTE: Reference list should follow APA 7th edition format guidelines. Remember,everyassignment must include the FCE title page. See appendix. 

*GRADINGRUBRICCATEGORY EXCELLENT GOOD ACCEPTABLE UNACCEPTABLE* Introduction 6 points 5 points 3 points 0 pointsStrong introductionof topics keyquestion(s), terms.Clearly delineatessubtopics to bereviewed.Discusses thequestions beinginvestigated.Conveys topic andkey question(s).Clearly delineatessubtopics to bereviewed. Somequestions beinginvestigated arediscussed.Conveys topic, butnot key question(s).Describessubtopics to bereviewed.Does not adequatelyconvey topic. Doesnot describe subtopicsto be reviewed.CommentsDiscussion 8 points 7 points 5 points 0 pointsClearly describeshowresearch/literaturecan be applied toown thoughts ontopic. Severalconcepts from thereadings arereferenced.Can generallydescribe howresearch/literaturecan be applied toown thoughts ontopic. One or 2concepts from thereadings arereferenced.Difficultydescribing howresearch/literaturebe applied to ownthoughts on topic orminimally includesown thoughts ontopic. No clearconcepts from thereadings arereferenced.Does not integratehowresearch/literaturecan be applied to ownthoughts on topic.Grammar &Mechanics6 points 5 points 3 points 0 pointsThe paper is freeof grammaticalerrors and spelling& punctuation.Grammaticalerrorsor spelling &punctuation arerare and do notdetract from thepaper.Very fewgrammatical,spelling orpunctuation errorsinterfere withreading the paper.Grammaticalerrorsor spelling &punctuationsubstantially detractfrom the paper.CommentsAPA Style 5 points 4 points 2 points 0 pointsGenerated: 10/22/2021 Page 8 of 16No errors inAPAstyle. Scholarlystyle. Writing isflowing and easy tofollow.Rare errors inAPAstyle that do notdetract from thepaper. Scholarlystyle. Writing hasminimalawkwardof unclearpassages.Errors inAPA styleare noticeable.Word choiceoccasionallyinformal in tone.Writing has a fewawkward orunclear passages.Errors inAPA styledetract substantiallyfrom the paper.Word choice isinformal in tone.Writing is choppy,with many awkwardor unclear passages.CommentsCitations &References5 points 4 points 2 points 0 pointsAll references,types of sources,number of pages,and citations arecorrectly writtenand present.One reference orcitations missing/wrong type ofsource used or thewrong number ofpages submitted.Two references orcitations missing/wrong type ofsources used or thewrong number ofpages submitted.Reference andcitation errors detractsignificantly frompaper. No scholarlysources used and/orthe wrong number ofpages submitted.