Karma Automotive

Pleasecarefully review and follow these instructions.
For in-text citations and references, please use APAstyle.
APA Style Guide
Page Length: 9 pages, single-spaced including any charts,cover
and references page
Please embed any relevant charts/figures in the body ofthe paper and not in an
Use figure numbers and titles. Please make sure that thechart/figure is legible.
Use page numbers.
You must have at least 11 references. The links/sourcesprovided with the
assignment can be part of the 11 references. Multiple pagesof a single website are
considered as one reference.
Please answer each question separately (see answer formatinstructions). You can
simply list question number and then type your answer. Youdont necessarily
have to restate the entire question.
Key Learning Objectives:
1. Demonstrate comprehension of core marketing concepts.
2. Apply knowledge of key marketing theoretical frameworksto actual business
3. Demonstrate business/market research, analysis, andpresentation skills.

** Please see attached document on how to write paper.