LastName 1 The overriding theme in the novel, The Bluest Eye, is

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The overriding theme in the novel, The Bluest Eye, is the theme of race and the perception of beauty through the prism of white beauty standards. The elements of the theme of white beauty are laced everywhere in this novel. Internalized white beauty standards have given the notion that white women are more beautiful than the black Americas. For instance, Claudia is given a white baby doll which sends the message that beautiful dolls can only be white. Another instance is the notion that the light-skinned Maureen was more beautiful than the other black girls in the community (Morrison 102). Pauline did not hide her preference for the white girl she worked for in place of her daughter. The white beauty standards make girls and women from the black community desperate for social acceptance in the larger society. The black women were conditioned to hate the color of their skins and took the frustration from this hatred against their girls. Claudia was an exception here as she did not worship white beauty and even imagined that Pecola would have a beautiful child even though she did not have the bluest eyes. The protagonists in this film suffered in their pursuit of white beauty standards. The pursuit of white beauty becomes tragic in the end.